Issue #6 board game design contest – March 28 deadline

Gygax Magazine is looking for the next great boardgame designer to feature in issue #6, which will be out in May. See below for submission guidelines and other important info.

We are extending our notification deadline to March 20.

E-mail us at by March 20 to confirm entry.

Steps for submission:

1. email Tell us a working title for the game and a general overview. This can all be changed by the deadline, we just need a heads up on how many submissions to expect.

2. Once the game is completed upload the file in the file uploader form below. PDF files are preferred. Please make sure they are 300 dpi and in CMKY color mode. You will have a main “board” that consists of the 11×17″ color gatefold and as many black and white pages as necessary to explain the rules of the game.

3. email again to let us know that your submission is waiting.

4. We will email all contestants and post the winning submission on our social media accounts.

That’s it!

When your entry is complete drop it in our file uploader here by March 28:

The winner will receive:

1. $250.o0 and publication in Gygax Magazine issue 6.

2. They will retain ownership and copyright of the work. Gygax Magazine will have the right to print the winning game in issue #6, and any future reprints of the magazine, but that’s it. All rights remain with you.

Submission guidelines:

  • You may submit an unpublished game or an existing game, so long as it’s yours and you own the rights to do so. Abridged / adapted versions of your game are also okay, since there are obvious limitations to a board game printed in a magazine.
  • The game must be able to fit on the printed pages of a magazine. The gatefold is 11″ x 17″, color on both sides. You can use as many pages as you need for other rules, cut-out cards, etc. It’s okay to ask the players to supply their own meeples, dice, or other pieces if it’s the kind of thing a gamer would have around the house.
  • You must submit a finished game, with all the art and text ready to go. The quality of presentation will matter to the judging as well as the quality of the game.

It’s okay to write in early with your ideas and/or questions. The editors are happy to talk with you before your final submission to make sure you get to show your best work.

Email with questions!

Deadline is March 28th, but don’t wait until the last minute!

More about the magazine:

Every issue of the magazine has a fold-out color gatefold, and up until now they’ve been adventures for roleplaying games. RPGs are great, but there’s more to life than maps & character sheets, so we’d like to give a board game the place of honor in this issue.

Think of the way Dragon Magazine used to include games like Snit’s Revenge and The Awful Green Things From Outer Space.
Submit your original game design by March 28th for a chance to be featured on the gatefold of Gygax Magazine #6.


Check out the pictures at the bottom of the page to see what the gatefold looks like. For the print-savvy out there, it’s a 70-pound smooth white (not gloss). That’s thicker than the regular magazine pages, but not as thick as cardstock. Here’s a good top view that may help: