We’ve put together some of our favorite gift ideas for the gamer in your life, compiled from our readers and our staff. To make sure there was something for everyone, we’ve selected gifts that start under $10, and go up to, well, kind of a lot—but with plenty in the middle. We hope you find something you love!

But first, we’d be crazy if we didn’t suggest a gift subscription to Gygax Magazine. If you order a gift subscription before December 19th, we’ll send you this Christmas card with classic art by Phil Foglio so you have something to put under the tree. (The card will go to your billing address unless you note otherwise, the subscription will go to the shipping address.)
xmas-cardNow let’s take a look at the gifts we’ve picked out for gamers this Christmas:


This beautifully detailed Baba Yaga’s Hut stands nine inches tall, and is made of resin and lead-free metal.It’s a limited edition from Easternfront Studios. Only 250 will be made, and each comes with a numbered brass plaque and certificate of authenticity.Signed by the artist.


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.15.09 PM
This Black Widow-inspired jacket strikes the right balance between everyday wear and Marvel goodness. From Her Universe.



Inspired by Théophile Steinlen’s 1896 poster for Le Chat Noir, we like this Cthulhu t-shirt for bringing a new twist to a favorite theme.


It’s not game night without snacks, so put them in this ceramic interlocking bowl set. It’s in the shape of a d20, but it’s probably a bad idea to roll this one.



My DM rolls his eyes every time I pull out this huge plastic die. It flashes a red light when a 20 is rolled. So, I don’t get to see that light very often…


If you can get this cookie cutter before Christmas, it should make for the some epic cookies. Check before you order, because they’re 3D printed—make sure he’s got time to make yours.


D20 Chainmaille Pendant. Not only is this an awesome accessory, it is functional as well. The die can be easily removed and replaced making it the perfect holder for your favorite die.



Playing tabletop games is about the game, sure, but it’s really more about the experience of gaming. Being part of a group, playing, laughing, and eating together. If your players celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and whatnot together, this d20 Critical Hit Mini Cake Pan will be sure to be a critical success for your party.



It’s a massive, semi-opaque acrylic die. You’re not going to want to roll this—the maker says it’s fragile—but it will look incredible in your gaming room.


Dwarven Forge
Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles are some of the most desirable gaming accessories at any table. Their three dimensional, modular elements can be combined to make almost any dungeon layout. They’re available in classic resin and the new, more affordable “dwarvenite.”
Prices vary.



Eldritch Enterprises is a collaboration between gaming legends Tim Kask, Frank Mentzer, Jim Ward, and Chris Clark. They know old school because they invented it. Any of their outstanding adventures would be a thrill to get under the Christmas tree, and they’re written in “Gamer Common,” meaning they’ll work with any tabletop gaming system.

Prices vary.


fluxIt’s a flux capacitor for your car, just like the one from Back to the Future. Alright, it’s not exactly the same as the one in the movie.Is your car exactly a DeLorean? Okay, then.

It does have two USB charging ports. Could Doc’s car do that? No, no it could not.


GrootIt’s a dancing Groot! No batteries or electronics, just a bobble head Groot that will go great on your desk, dashboard, or anywhere else.


il_570xN.421912990_bc90Roll a fumble? This is a safe way to express your frustration by throwing it at your DM! It is a soft flannel plushie stuffed with fiberfill. This is not meant to be used in actual gaming though, and this product is for adults, not children.
$10.00 – just one left



Girl Genius Onmibus graphic novel by Phil and Kaja Foglio. If you haven’t read this amazing series from the creator of Phil & Dixie, this is the place to start.

Varying prices.


Gloom is an innovative and easy to learn game from Eberron creator Keith Baker. The transparent cards offer a unique gameplay style, as you try to make your characters suffer the greatest tragedies possible to lower their self-worth before meeting the cold embrace of death.



14b2_handbag_of_holding_inuseThe Handbag of Holding is a new take on the messenger-style Bag of Holding. It can be carried by the handles, over the shoulder, or cross-body style. 15 different pockets and a chrome d20 badge on the front!



818RsJbFbYL._SL1500_ If Fluxx wasn’t confusing and strange enough, now the Pythons have gotten involved with the proceedings and made it even more hysterica.l



“Lloyd Metcalf does some cool holiday cards that your gamer friends and family members will enjoy.” — Luke Gygax.



The Miniature Building Authority lives up to their name. Master sculptors create intricately detailed buildings for any tabletop RPG or wargaming campaign.
Prices vary.


Rich Burlew’s Order of the Stick is a favorite comic among gamers, and a regular feature in Gygax Magazine.

There are so many great scenes from the Order of the Stick captured in these shirts, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Ours is Belkar’s “Sexy Shoeless God of War” moment.

Prices vary.


51HqM-5B5yLThe award-winning game of killing monsters and taking their stuff meets the award-winning universe of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in Munchkin Pathfinder.

Try out the new classes like Alchemist and Witch. Join a faction to become an Eagle Knight or a Red Mantis Assassin. Arm yourself with the T-Bone Stake and the Armor of Insults. You’ll need them to defeat the Ghoul Friday, the Whispering Tyrant and especially Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters.



downloadPlaying at the World, by historian, gamer, and Gygax Magazine writer Jon Peterson, is the definitive history of role-playing’s roots and early years.

There’s simply no other book that will give you the accurate and intricate details of D&D’s origins that this will.

$18-$32, depending on format


Screen-Shot-2014-12-12-at-2.43.42-PMPitendo is a custom case that houses a Raspberry Pi Model B+, along with an SD card with RetroPie, a USB SNES controller, and all the cables and adapters you need. You can also buy the case on its own if you already have your own innards for it.Buy

$119 for the full kit, $49 for just the case.


ps238-volixWe love having Aaron Williams’ “Full Frontal Nerdity” comic in Gygax Magazine, and he’s also the creator of Nodwick and PS238. Here’s his latest collection, PS238 IX: Saving Alternate Omaha.

Around $12.00. Prices vary.


sammi2A family story of courage in the face of adversity and growing up to the world set in a medieval Japan that never was, this story was conceived by Ernest G. Gygax for his grandson, Sam, and directly inspired by the bed time stories his father used to tell him as a child. It is a rare piece of gaming history Ernest wanted to share with gamers so they too could share it with their own children and grandchildren.

$7.50 – $18, depending on format



RPG scented oils. If you’re looking for the most absurd thing to give a gamer this Christmas, you could do worse than eau de chevalier. The description claims that the fighter scent is “leather, musk, blood, and steel.”
Currently out of stock.


Dicey DecorDicey Decor makes many stained glass dice-themed decor and accessories, from lamps to dice boxes to clocks and more. Prices range from $21 – $255, so there’s something for every budget.
Prices vary


dice bag
BuyThis Doctor Who dice bag comes in vibrant Tardis blue, and holds over 100 standard gaming dice.Prices vary.


All 27 episodes of the classic 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon are available on DVD. Re-live the poorly animated, silly but fun adventures of Saturday mornings gone by.


Created by Gygax Magazine editor James Carpio, Tales From the Fallen Empire is a post apocalyptic swords & sorcery setting created for use with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG by Goodman Games.
$29.18 new.


Two-Gun Pixie is a “NEW GAMER/GEEK Zazzle store with some unique tees, hoodies, caps, mugs, aprons, buttons for sale. A lot of D&D inspired items! Check out Two-Gun Pixie on Zazzle for some awesome ideas!” — John Charles Galvin.
Prices vary.



Wyrmwood Gaming offers a wide selection of sophisticated gaming accessories, like this white oak dice vault.Buy
$25.00 to $110.00 depending on wood choice.