Slight change of plans


Unexpected events made it impossible for our layout guy to finish issue 6. So, Jayson, founder of Gygax Magazine, is diligently working to get it all put together for you. We have articles from Jon Peterson, Jason Sinclair, Steve Kenson, Lenard Lakofka, John Wick and James Carpio, Dave Masker, and Eytan Bernstein.

Aaron Williams illustrating Dracovalis

Another behind-the-scenes shot for today, here’s Aaron Williams, creator of Full Frontal Nerdity, Nodwick, and so many more comics, illustrating the Gygax Magazine special edition of the board game Dracovalis.

Dracovalis is the featured game in issue 6—designed by Jeremy Olson, who was the winner of our design contest, facing some truly talented competition. In the tradition of comic artists creating game art like John Kovalic and Tom Wham, we thought it would be amazing to have one of our favorite artists illustrate Dracovalis, and were honored when Aaron accepted.

I think you’re going to love it.

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Laying out issue 6


Layout is finishing up this week on issue 6 of Gygax Magazine. Ben Morgan’s been working hard putting together a great-looking design—we’re really happy to have him on board!

Here’s a peek behind the scenes as he works on an article by James Sinclair, “Last Minute Locations: Fantasy Villages.”

Congratulations to Jeremy Olson, our game design winner!

We chose Jeremy’s game, Dracovalis, as our 2015 game design contest winner to be featured in the Gygax Magazine issue 6 centerfold. After much deliberation over the entries we received we chose Dracovalis for its pace, ease of play, and storyline.

Here is a little more about Jeremy:

Jeremy Olson

Jeremy Olson lives with his wife, his three small daughters, and a cat who hates him. Jeremy began gaming in the traditional way — by playing D&D with his brother. When he is not working on games or spending time with his family, he works as an engineer.

His game, Dracovalis, was developed when normal people sleep and playtested  primarily by Jeremy’s circle of very patient friends.

Here is a brief synopsis of the game:

Dracovalis is a game about dragons attacking, capturing, and destroying cities. The players send dragons to attack or defend cities in order to control as many cities as possible. Players can also cast spells to strengthen the beasts. Aside from the pure joy of burning your friend’s cities down or forcing their dragon to turn tail and run, Dracovalis features simultaneous play, so you’ll be guessing where your opponent will go with every turn.

Here’s Jeremy playtesting the version for Gygax Magazine with our publisher, Jayson Elliot:
Playtesting Dracovalis

We are currently working on an exclusive Gygax Magazine design for the game, which will be published in our upcoming Issue 6. Check back frequently for progress updates on the game and Issue 6 as a whole. 

Where’s issue 6?

We’re really late with issue 6. And so we want to give everyone a behind-the-scenes look at how it’s going, and regular updates as it gets finished.

This blog will be updated several times a week with information on issue 6, its contents and release date.

In a reversal of our past timing, the PDF will release a few weeks before the print issue. Normally we wait until everyone has their print copies, but printing is taking longer and people want to see the issue!

The PDF of issue 6 will be available on July 20th. All subscribers will get an email with a link for downloading.

Print copies will begin shipping three weeks later, on August 10th.

Tomorrow, we’ll announce the winner of the board game design contest, whose game will be featured in the gatefold!

Thank you for your patience, I know we’re on a blue moon schedule, and it’s not what we want, either. Gygax Magazine readers have been so amazing, and your loyalty and understanding has been amazing. I know you’re going to love the new issue!


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